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Real time charging/Real time rating/OCS
Billing system (BSS)/CRM
Prepaid and Postpaid
Backup OCS
Convergent Billing
Generating CDR'S

Real time charging

Our hosted real time charging system is simplified to suit your business requirements. We have designed a system that is capable of meeting competitive service level agreements while executing each transaction within 250 milliseconds or less. Real time charging allows for more reliable billing, minimized errors and increased efficiency.
Supporting diameter based transactions and allowing for real time tear down of data sessions, and/or calls. InMemory database and redundant environments, ability to queue transactions and it's built in fault tolerance will give you peace of mind.

  • The system's capacity can be scaled to millions of transactions per second.
  • It can be used to monetize your customer's data.
  • It can manage multiple sessions at a time.
  • No single point of failure.
  • Secure and stable.
  • Rule-based.
  • API access.

It is simplified to suit your business requirements. Partnering with the best in the industry, we have designed a system that is capable of meeting competitive service level agreements while executing each transaction within milliseconds or less.

DIAMETER Request CAMEL Request RADIUS Request
rule based

Online Charging Module

CDR Generation



Long Term Storage

rule based API

Rule Based

Policy Control Through GUI


  • Create tariffs
  • Top ups
  • Family plan
  • External plugins
  • Auto renew plans
  • Repurchase plans

Billing Support System (BSS)/CRM

Our BSS/CRM can stand along or can integrate with your or our online charging systems. Billing support system, offering a new generation billing system called telgoo5. Offering: core CRM reporting, Customer notes, customer payments, permissions based, 5th generation platform.

  • Offering next generation feature rich CRM from Telgoo5.
  • Feature rich, intuitive and easy to use web-based CRM.
  • Ability to create groups, permissions, over 1000 inbuilt reports and support
  • 3 levels of distribution network.
  • Built in inventory to track inventory at many levels.
  • PIN management system
  • API's to communicate with the CRM comes out of the box.
rule based
rule based
subscribe management subscribe management
PCI compliant PCI compliant
subscribe lifecycle management subscribe lifecycle management
Real time billing Real time billing
Payment gateway Payment gateway
Revenue assurance Revenue assurance
Invoice generation Invoice generation
telgoo5 CRM

Prepaid and postpaid

Our system is designed to support different types of plans on one easy to use platform. We make it simple for you to offer prepaid and postpaid plans, by having billing, rating and charging solutions for both types of plans. Rather than having to use multiple systems to support various plans or passing over on the opportunity to offer subscribers different plan options, Telgoo5's system supports and allows you to conveniently keep track of prepaid and postpaid plans.

rule based
Telgoo5 ISP Billing Telecom Billing Fixed Line Billing VolP Billing Interconnected Billing
  • Collection of subscriber's network usage details
  • Rate network transactions based on the raw CDRs
  • Call barring services
  • Call exception services
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Postpaid tariff plan creation
  • Subscriber provisioning, activation and deactivation
  • Billing application to create and assign tariff and bundle plans
  • Multiple types of charging, discounts and billing options


Ability to capture, rate transactions, offering a robust rating and charging solutions. Supporting Tap files format, ability to ingest heavy and large quality of files, Telgoo5's mediation platform is scalable both vertically and horizontally. Files can be delivered using many many options such as ftp, XML post and many many more.

  • Control charging and billing of voice, data and content services in real time thanks to the active mediation function.
  • Extend telecom billing mediation with service provisioning and BSS mediation .
  • Out-of-the-box applications for fast solution deployment in key areas such as charging and billing in a VoLTE.
  • VoWiFi environment.
  • Enable BSS transformation and leverage all available data to power more informed business decisions.
  • BSS transformation is to increase flexibility and speed
  • Simplified business flows enable on-demand vertical and horizontal scaling with minimum effort, allowing the operator to manage data growth while decreasing operational costs.
  • Advanced functions that allow the operator to track and act on billing information to enable revenue assurance through instant indicators that lower revenue loss risk.
  • Predefined reports provide all key data points at a click of a button.The customer can create your own reports using a versatile custom reporting tool.
  • Online & offline data collection
  • Flexible process modeling
  • Ensured data Consistency
  • Vendor-agnostic
  • Highly adaptive
  • active mediation
  • Carrier-grade
  • Optimized
  • Next-gen service monetization
  • Minimized
    revenue loss

Backup OCS

Occurrences and system crashes can happen in subpar charging systems. That is why Telgoo5 offers backup online charging system solutions. In addition to your current online charging system, you can have a plan B system in place, should anything go wrong.

Convergent Billing & revenue monetization


Telgoo5 offers you the next generation artificial intelligence backed online charging system with real-time hosting. Our hosted system offers the exceptional real-time charging solutions to commercial organizations across various verticals.

  • Offer plans, top-ups, and data packages to your customers on the fly.
  • Provisioning and de-provisioning services.
  • Real-time and multi-tenant environment.
  • Backed by service level agreements along with 24/7 unparalleled support.
  • Comes with the 3 levels of redundancy.
  • Offering the associated analytics and data-driven services.
  • Ready to provide services for 3G, 4G, and VoLTE.
  • Add-ons include tariffs-based on minutes, monitoring value and variable rates.
  • Built-in support for speed and throttling.


Internet Service Provider (ISP)

  • Defining of packages and plans.
  • Manage and control user upload and download speed
  • Reduced new customer on boarding time
  • Viewing usage details for multiple services.
  • Provides an integrated system to manage and monitor devices and network
ISP Diameter Package and Plans Recurring Plans Subscription Managment System


Enable an operator to automate critical operational and business processes so that a broadband service can cost-effectively scale to support many subscribers. Providing fully customizable BSS to manage services.

rule based Satellite Internet
  • Input of customer information, credit check, plan options
  • Lookup of capacity availability and ability to provision
  • Entry of selected plan and options, collection of initial payment if needed.
  • Equipment order entry
  • Scheduling of installation
  • Creating the necessary CPE configuration, circuits, tunnels, etc, in the network components
  • Self care
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