Why Convergent Charging is Essential for Your Business

When it comes to running a telecom business in this day and age, your success depends as much on offering cutting edge technologies as it does on maintaining the quality of your service.

For instance, mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) are increasingly focusing on innovation as the driving force of their operations. Whether it is about improving service delivery or their billing solutions, this innovative approach has stood the test of time by old and new MVNOs alike.

Apart from MVNOs, this emphasis on innovative solutions is also present through different service providers belonging to the voice and data sector.

Additionally, when one speaks of innovative measures in the overall telecom segment, convergent billing charging stands apart as one of the most critical technologies that are prevalent in the sector.

That is why, whether you currently run an MVNO or any other telecom based operations, implementing this charging system that telecom operators rely upon is essential.

What Does Convergent Charging Do in the First Place?

Simply put, convergent billing helps you consolidate different charges from your customer’s account into a single invoice. This notion applies to multiple subscriptions on the same number or the same types of services delivered to different accounts.

While it may seem like a simple organizational feature, the billing system goes beyond this apparent function. From ease of use to reliability, it brings an array of benefits to the table for your telecom service. In turn, these advantages help your business scale according to your expectations.

It Simplifies Billing

One of the most evident advantages of convergent charging comes in the form of more straightforward billing.

Instead of having to charge the same customer through different invoices and sending them various bills for services under the same account, you can use convergent billing to consolidate the charges into a single bill. This aspect makes it simpler for you to manage customer accounts and lets you efficiently manage their usage across various services.

But this benefit has a two-way effect. While it makes things easier for your business, it also makes billing simpler for your customers to understand. As a result, your customers can benefit from seeing all their charges and billing in one place instead of having to run through different emails or letters to find their expense details.

It Cuts Down on Inquiries

Another big reason behind the popularity of this charging system telecom operators rely upon is how it cuts back on redundant processes.

Instead of your customers having to call in to clarify different charges on their subscriptions, they can turn to the consolidated bill to see all of their usage details. This concept is possible because convergent charging includes details about all of the customer’s subscriptions, calls, and data, as well as their service usage across different numbers. This aspect helps in laying out charges in a manner that’s easily understandable by anyone.

As a result, your business or front end staff doesn’t have to entertain a plethora of inquiries for billing. This aspect lets your front end staff cater to other customers’ issues better, and allows them to deliver an elevated level of service.

It Makes Recovery Easier

Instead of having to process payments against different invoices or struggling to keep track of their service usage, your customers can take one look at the details generated through convergent billing to know how much amount they have to pay.

Once again, this simplifies the billing mechanism and makes everything so much simpler to understand. But from a big-picture perspective, this simplicity also makes recovery easier for your business.

Since customers no longer look at paying their invoice as a daunting task or wait for multiple bills to get generated, they don’t tend to put off the bill payment process. The added advantage of no ambiguity in the invoices also adds to them lining up to pay their bills well before their due date.

As a result, this line of thought by your customers has a direct impact on your recovery process. This component also explains the popularity surrounding this charging system telecom operators see as a sought after solution.

At Telgoo5, we take pride in offering a sophisticated yet easy to use charging solution that comes with all the innovative capabilities of convergent charging.

By turning to our billing solutions, you don’t have to worry about meeting the requirements of a modern customer base. With our scalable and cloud based solution, you can rest assured with the promise of 99.9999% uptime as well as the capability of over 1,000 plan configurations.

To learn more about our solutions and understand how we can help your telecom operations, feel free to reach out to us today. We will be glad to discuss your needs and deploy our charging solutions for your business.

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