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What Is an MVNO in Telecom?

There are plenty of terms getting tossed around in the telecom industry these days, and one of them is MVNO.

MVNO or mobile virtual network operator is an alternative to traditional data and phone services providers. They act as a refreshing option for people who are sick of the red tape, excess fees and problems that come hand-in-hand with relying on the bigger companies. MVNOs provide data and cell phone services directly to their customers, which makes them a preferable option.

How MVNOs Work?

MVNOs generally buy service and data wholesale and pass along those savings to their end-users. For this reason, they can usually offer data and phone plans at discount rates. Being an MVNO comes with a lot of challenges as well. New MVNOs have to combat the stigma that they are not as competent as the bigger companies, which can be stressful. That’s why it is so important for MVNOs to partner up with competent MVNEs that have call center infrastructure in place, plus billing software, intuitive BSS and OSS and other perks that allow customers to be able to get white-glove service for a lower price.

Telgoo5 and Its Many Advantages

Telgoo5’s infrastructure is specifically designed to scale with MVNOs and MNOs. It is completely flexible, customizable, intuitive and designed to deal with an influx of new customers without missing a beat. It is also completely secure and designed with the customer end experience in mind. We have a fully staffed and competent customer service department that is able to answer any questions that your end users might have and is specifically trained to find solutions to common problems. We pride ourselves on a one-call solution to just about any problem, and always strive to solve problems to the fullest extent of our ability with empathy and compassion. Our team is a great face for your MVNO and will impress your customers with their ability to give them gold star service.

MVNOs generally don’t operate with contracts, which make them an ideal option for customers who are not looking to be roped into a long commitment. As such, billing can be a little bit difficult. Telgoo5’s billing system is specifically designed to handle different transactions and bills that cover a number of different applications. The bills come out promptly, are itemized and totally accurate, and all of your customer’s information is kept safely in the cloud.

Importance of Security in MVNO’s Operations

Today’s customers are even more afraid of having their data compromised. It’s not an unfounded fear, as hackers tend to comb servers and the internet looking for vulnerable targets. Telgoo5’s system that includes a state-of-the-art OCS system puts all of your customer’s data safely in the cloud. The cloud is much more difficult to hack into than any server because it is heavily encrypted. It’s also easy for any MVNO to access their customer data and retrieve any information that they need for audits, or if there is a payment dispute. Additionally, Telgoo5’s billing and charging system employs secure payment gateways that are completely encrypted so your customer’s data is always kept safe. Also, the online charging system for MVNO is protected by the latest security measures. This security ensures peace of mind, which is critical for MVNOs that are attempting to set themselves as professional, viable alternatives to traditional providers. If you want to be taken seriously in the telecom business you need to be able to show customers that you have the infrastructure to be able to support all of their needs.


MVNOs are gaining popularity, and with more people turning to them for cell and data service, it’s more important than ever to set yourself apart in a saturated market. Telgoo5 offers MVNOs a flexible, secure and powerful infrastructure with a knowledgeable customer service department.

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