Get your Struggling Billing and Charging on Track with True Online Charging System

Billing and charging are two of the most important functions of a telecom operator. When they are not done right, the results are immediate and you start losing customers faster than you can ever imagine. Therefore, every player in the market including MNO, MVNO and MVNE should get their billing and charging on track, if they want to derive the best results from their efforts.

Stay Ahead of Competition with OCS

A telecom operator is no longer simply a provider of service. It is much more than that. A modern-day telco has to do much more than just deliver staple services. It also has to innovate and come up with new interesting solutions.

Sometime ago, we had separate systems for charging and rating telecom services e.g. IN and OFCS for prepaid and postpaid respectively. The service delivery was slow, but the profits were still high as telecom industry hardly had any competition. But now, things have changed.

Due to the competition from Over the Top (OTT) vendors and increase in the number of players in the market, we are at a juncture where things have become complicated for telcos. Nothing less than a real-time Online Charging System (OCS) will be sufficient to fulfill modern-day requirements of billing and charging.

How an OCS Helps MNO, MVNO and MVNEs?

A true real-time OCS can be the difference between the success and failure of your telecom operation. Below are some positive impacts of a quality Online Charging System:

Better Analytics and Reporting

A company providing you Online Charging System should also provide you analytics and reports. The analytical data can be put to good use in planning ahead and conceptualizing service packages that appeal to the general audience.

Quick Monetization of Services

No matter how much you know about your customers, you need to monetize your services faster than your competitors; if you want to generate high revenue. The OCS should allow you to stack up different services in any order and also combine distinct services. It is also vital that the monetization and billing is done accurately, so that there is clarity between vendors and customers.

Timely Notifications

When the data or calling minutes are about to expire for a particular customer, the OCS should send timely notifications. Enforcing credit limits diligently is crucial for staying in the good books of your customers. The best OCS systems send instant messages on the customers’ phones, so that they stay aware of how much data or calling minutes they have left in their account. 


A true OCS is needed to stay ahead of your competitors in the modern times. With a quality Online Charging System, you can enforce credit limits and charge your customers accurately. The market is all about trust these days, and if you have a good Online Charging System, then you can increase trust amongst customers and generate more revenue for your business.


Offer Complete Prepaid/Post-paid Experience with Real-Time Charging Solutions

When it comes to billing clients for the services rendered, a time delay between service delivery and client billing leaves space open for errors which can be costly to communication service providers. In contrast, a real-time charging system ensures that every second of communication service is accounted for at the moment it happens so that billing can be accurate. Without real-time charging, the communication service industry could not exist as it does today. Let’s explore why.

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Prepaid and postpaid plans: Which is right for your business?

The Telgoo5 online charging system processes millions of transactions for our customers every day. Charging happens in real time which allows for more reliable billing, less frequent errors, and improved efficiency. We have built our convergent real time billing system so that it can support your unique business requirements. We can support both prepaid and postpaid plans.

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5g Revolution

5G Influence on Various Telecom Entities and Evolution of Real Time Charging

Everyone is waiting for true 5G launch with bated breaths. It is supposed to reshape the way Internet is accessed and used. As telecom operators face the frenzy of excessive competition, monetization of 5G has become all the more important. It is vital that 5G is packaged in a way that is attractive to the subscribers, and at the same time brings in the much-needed revenue. Real time charging implemented via a convergent charging system has become the minimum requirement for telecom operators.

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