How can MVNE grow your mobile brand?

MVNE, or Mobile Virtual Network Enablers is a business entity that provides network infrastructure and business services to MVNOs, or Mobile Virtual Network Operators. This unburdens the MVNO from most business and support functions, while allowing them to offer services to customers with their own brands.

If you own or operate an MVNO, an MVNE can help you to grow your business and create brand value. MVNEs do not have relationships with your customers, they simply provide the support and services you need to grow your mobile network and your business.

MVNEs serve two major purposes; integration and ongoing operations management. Below are details on how both of those functions can help to grow your mobile brand.

MVNE Integration

When you lean on an MVNE for integration, you are basically outsourcing customer setup. MVNEs are telecom companies, which means they can handle the technical aspects of bringing new customers online. MVNEs can handle SIM provisioning and configuration, ensuring that every customer on your network is identifiable and securely authenticated. With MVNE support, new customers can join your network seamlessly and in great volume, which will help to accelerate the value and reach of your mobile brand.

MVNE Ongoing Operations Management

Onboarding a customer is never the whole story. Once a new user has access to your network, they are going to need billing, technical support, relationship management, and information on upgrades and services. MVNEs can handle all of that. They will take care of your ongoing operations management under your brand, so that your customers think they are working with your company the entire time. It is a great way to unburden your business without sacrificing brand power.

Other MVNE Benefits

• Reduced costs. If an MVNE hosts several MVNOs on a single platform, they can offer bulk discount pricing that will directly benefit your business
• Reduced operational expenses within your own business
• Easy access to an MNO networks
• Quick start up for new MVNOs since MVNEs often have existing agreements, infrastructure, and processes in place

Remember, when it comes to growing your mobile brand, you do not need to reinvent the wheel and handle everything yourself. There are businesses out there designed to support mobile brands. Once you have decided to use an MVNE, the next step is choosing the right one.

How To Choose an MVNE

Not all MVNEs are created equally. When it comes to choosing one to support your business, several important things must be considered. First, you want to find an MVNE that is connected to a strong MNO. Since neither MVNOs or MVNEs create their own mobile network, it is vital to understand that an MVNE is only as good as the MNO it is connected to. Next, you want to find an MVNE that provides the services you need. Next, you want to make sure that their prices work for your business. Lastly, you want to consider their experience, longevity, and reviews.

Once you have found the perfect MVNE, it is time to grow your mobile brand!

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