What is Advanced Technology which we use in MVNO and MVNE

The telecom industry is growing in leaps and bounds, and if you want to be on the cusp of all of the new innovation, it’s time to consider starting your own MVNO or MNO.

MVNOs or mobile virtual network providers are a low-cost, hassle-free solution for customers who feel like they are paying far too much for telecom services. Instead of going with legacy companies that have tremendous overhead, lots of add-ons, surprise taxes and giant phone bills, consumers are gravitating towards more flexible and affordable solutions. There are plenty of advantages to your data and phone service from smaller merchants. This opens up a brand new opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs to tap into the industry and start making money. In order for them to be effective, they need to address some of the common concerns that people have about the bigger carriers, specifically the lack of service and huge prices. This is where Telgoo5’s effective billing and charging performance can help your business!

Our Industry Experience and Capabilities

We have tons of experience taking new MVNOs and MNOs to the next level. Our software was specifically built to scale with your business with real-time data ingestion engines and transaction analysis.  It’s powerful enough to conduct a transaction in sub-milliseconds and incorporates all customer data into in-memory databases for easy storage and access. With continuous monitoring panels and an advanced alarm management system, you’ll be alerted to any problems right away.

It’s flexible enough to encourage company growth and solid enough to be able to withstand any market changes. We hold your hand through each and every step of the process, conducting regular meetings with our MVNOs and MNOs to make sure that they are getting the care and support that they need.

Addressing Challenges in Telecom with Innovative Solutions

One of the biggest complaints customers have when it comes to traditional phone carriers and data providers is surprise charges. Often you need to buy a lot of different services in order to take advantage of a “special deal”. MNVOs are far more cost-effective, but they still need to have their billing on point.

One of the biggest challenges for new MVNO and MNOs is facilitating the proper billing. Fortunately, Telgoo5’s sophisticated billing and OCS online charging system offers itemized versions of your customers’ phone bills sent promptly to them when they’re due. Your customers are able to see exactly where and why they are being charged. If there are any complaints or problems, they can always contact our expert customer service staff, who can walk them through any issues that they might have. Our customer service staff is uniquely equipped to answer any questions, skilled in showing empathy and care to your customers and trained to deal with any problem as thoroughly as possible.

Additionally, our infrastructure was built specifically with scaling in mind. You can launch your MVNO in as little as four weeks, and we are able to help you scale effectively and globally from that point forward. We have had tremendous success with companies just like yours, and have a proven track record of providing the infrastructure that companies need to be able to skyrocket. Don’t worry about bringing on new customers. We have your back at every step of the way.

Secure Billing Solutions for Completely Secure MVNO Operation

Our systems are also 100 percent secure and put the privacy of your customer’s data top-of-mind. We understand that in today’s age it’s imperative to keep data secure and safe. Customers demand that they are taken care of and will not tolerate any system that leaks their information. For this reason, our entire infrastructure is totally encrypted and our billing software uses secure payment portals so that your customers never have to worry that their sensitive information is getting into the wrong hands. The benefit of working with an MVNE like Telgoo5 is certainly the peace of mind that all of your infrastructure needs are being taken care of while you dominate the market with your new data and phone service offering.

Are you ready to take the next step and start your very own MVNO or MNO?

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