5 Amazing Benefits of working with an MVNE

MVNE (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler) works wonders when it comes to providing customers with the best and the most affordable cellular and data services. Read further to find out what an MVNE is and how does it help to cut cost for MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators).

What is an MVNE?

MVNE allows to connect customers and the operators. MVNE specializes in the management, planning, and implementation of cellular services.

A newly built MVNO that is affiliated, can outsource these services with its own brand name instead of having to build an entirely new 4g or 5g network from scratch.

Benefits of working with an MVNE:

MVNOs that are affiliated with MVNEs can provide their customers with the cheapest rates and the best customer care services.

1. Reduced management cost:

A single MVNE can provide sim services to tens and hundreds of operators. This means that the operational cost is lowered by many folds which essentially means a satisfied and loyal customer.

Once affiliated with MVNEs, network operators don’t need to worry about the drive cost of actual DSL, network lines, network hub, Network Bridge, and all that technical stuff so that they can solely focus on providing their customers with the best.

2. Start-up support:

MVNEs provide operators with special packages and deals that cover their initial cost so that the barrier between the operator and good cellular service is reduced. Business startups that don’t have enough revenue can take those deals to get their brand stamped on the map.

Operators can choose to continue these deals until the customer base is built and after that, they can acquire yearly or monthly deals from the MVNEs.

3. Reduced airtime cost:

MVNE can be considered a server computer that handles all the workload, manages, and then sends the data to the connected computers round the clock. MVNOs are the computers that are connected to the MVNE.

Once these computers are installed in the line, they can utilize and give their customers all the benefits while all the hard work is done by the servers or the host computer. This significantly lowers the airtime cost for each connected computer.

4. MVNEs are experienced:

MVNEs are not new as compared to the operators. With new thousands of MVNOs being made each year, there is an even more incentive to join an MVNE as it is already experienced and knows all the ups and downs of the business.

5. Un-matched Customer Support:

As the providers are experienced and know all the hassle to keep a network service up and running, the customer support services are exceptional. In the case of a natural disaster let’s say, the breakage of a line, MVNE will be responsible and resolve the issues.


MVNE is the best option for newly found operators as the startup cost is covered, and management and airtime cost is also significantly reduced as many operators are handled by a single MVNE. All in all, MVNOs can promise their customer a hassle-free and smooth online experience once they are affiliated with a good MVNE, just contact us for more information and helping us choosing the best option here in Telgoo5.

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