Complete Guide of MVNE

The Complete Guide to MVNEs and how they are Adopting Integrated Online Charging Systems

In today’s world of telecom providers, the MVNE plays a pivotal role in behind-the-scenes operations. MVNE or Mobile Virtual Network Enabler can be thought of as the backbone of MVNOs. They are a telecom solution for network infrastructure and other services such as administration, operations support systems, SIM provisioning, and business support systems. An MVNE specializes in the planning, implementation, and management phases of companies that offer mobile services.

Given the wide range of responsibilities that MVNE has, they will need support from many aspects, such as an Online Charging System (OCS). The industry has grown in complexity over the years. Telecom providers offer more services, giving their customers more choices. As a result, every MVNE will need an online charging vendor to simplify its process and provide real-time tracking.

At Telgoo5, we allow MVNEs to charge in real-time based on service usage. You’ll need to provide a real-time telecom billing system to display the most up-to-date usage for customers. This prevents payment confusion that could ruin the customer experience.

How to Choose the Right Online Payment Method for Your MVNE Needs?

While many companies offer telecom billing systems, you’ll want to find the solution that matches your MVNE needs. Here are some features that every online charging system provider needs.

As your business grows, you’ll need to handle a larger customer base. A system that loses its functionality during peak hours or can’t handle an increase in subscriber count won’t fit your needs. Make sure the OCS can handle both vertical and horizontal scalability.

Every online charging system should come with real-time charging and convergent billing. Convergent billing is the sum of all service charges into one invoice allowing customers to view the different services used easily.

Convergent billing offers many advantages such as:
● Cross-service discounts so that customers can receive preferential pricing
● Support for both pre-paid and post-paid billing
● Maximize revenue streams and minimize leakage

Cloud-based System
A cloud-based online charging system continually works for you 24/7. This eliminates potential errors or system issues that a non-cloud-based system would have. Using the cloud ensures you can provide accurate charging, especially for MVNE companies, which must provide accurate usage to MVNOs or other clientele. Cloud systems can provide accurate billing for data, calls, SMS messages, and more.

Security Encryption
When it comes to customer records, their information must be encrypted and never compromised. The security encryption technology should be updated frequently to handle future cyber threats. Telgoo5 leverages Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to ensure the complete safety of data and accurate processing.

Customer Service
Excellent customer service should always be a consideration with any vendor you work with. When it comes to wireless network infrastructure, data session failures or disrupted calls or texts may occur. As a result, you’ll need instantaneous responses to serve your clients best. Choose a vendor that puts its customers first and has friendly representatives who quickly provide solutions.

Reporting and Analytics
Any OCS should offer telecom billing analytics that provides data into usage, behavior, and other stats. As an MVNE, gaining insight into your customer’s behaviors allows you to see how you can better serve your clients and shape your operations to meet the ever-changing demands of the telecom industry.


At Telgoo5, we offer innovative online charging systems specifically geared towards the telecom industry. We support the latest services, including 5G and IoT. Our cloud-based system offers real-time charging and convergent billing to keep your customers happy.

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