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Get the Right Billing and Charging Infra in 2021 to Guarantee Success

As we move towards a new year after Covid-19 stricken 2020, the challenges are expected to rise for MVNOs. An MVNO would need an MVNE and a proven telecom billing and charging services provider that can help it in its day-to-day functions.

Meet 5G and IoT Requirements with Convergent Charging System

A convergent charging system like an OCS can perform millions and millions of transactions every day. It also ensures real-time billing, which is key to high accuracy in invoices delivered to the customers. Most MVNOs that employ an Online Charging System telecom find it easier to execute their strategies.

At the cusp of a new decade, MVNOs need to prepare well for 5G, IoT and other predicted telecom services:

Fast platforms for charging and rating

Real-time charging is the fastest charging solution offered by OCS. With IoT becoming mainstream, there is a need for the fastest billing and charging platforms that can execute the functions right at the moment a service is utilized. Accurate charging and billing ensure proper revenue assurance.

Implement credit boundaries prescribed by telcos

Credit limit implementation is key to successful billing. You need to send timely notifications to your customers, so they can stop using their services when the credit limit has expired. The expensive 5G and IoT services can be hard to manage, if customers are constantly overstepping the credit limitations.

Billing based on QoS

As 5G allows various connections over a single physical network, there is a need for charging every network slice differently. The Quality of Service is an important parameter and a futuristic convergent charging system like OCS allows for that.

Ability to launch pilot offers

You cannot afford major failures with your telecom strategies, especially if you are an MVNO with limited finances. The best telecom charging platforms allow you to start pilot plans on much smaller scale to a limited subscriber base. You can gauge the success of your customer-centric strategies and get a good idea about the future success of your plans.

Reporting and analytics

The OCS and billing system should offer complete reports that describe each and every facet of customer usage. This allows MVNOs to understand what customers want and what they don’t want. It is also possible to leverage data-driven insights by utilizing an AI-powered telecom billing solution.

Online Charging System is at the cutting-edge of technology and brings all the necessary functionalities to MVNO, MNO and MVNE at an exciting price point.


With 2021 appearing more challenging than ever for MVNOs, there is a need for Online Charging System that can perform real-time billing and charging. It can ensure proper revenue assurance, quick monetization and fast deployment of pilot plans to understand customer inclination towards the services.

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