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Get Your Hands on the Billing and Charging Platform of 2021

2021 is a year that promises hope after the disastrous 2020 for the whole world. Telecom industry has stayed a constant factor in the lives of the people, connecting them to each other when they cannot go out. Despite their positive roles in the crisis situations; MNO, MVNE, MVNO have suffered greatly. 2021 offers a chance to get back the lost revenue, but it requires billing and charging platform of the next generation.

Next-Gen Technology Needs Next-Gen Billing and Charging

We are fast-forwarding into a world that relies on technology more than anything else. Whoever has the better technology would prosper, and the one that lacks the right tools would fail.

As 5G and IoT appear to be most promising technologies, it is vital for MVNO, MVNE and MNO to improve the handling of their billing. This can be done with an Online Charging System (OCS) that is built for the future.

OCS has real-time billing and charging functionality that offers new hope for the telecom operators. They no longer have to suffer from delayed service launches, if they have a tool that can monetize plans really quickly.

An OCS is a centralized platform that can charge both session-based and event-based services. This service proves useful in the creation of consolidated invoices with service charge for every usage clearly mentioned. Such transparency in billing is very much required when the complexity will increase due to 5G network slicing and vast number of IoT transactions.

What Else is Required by Billing and Charging Platform?

Apart from real-time billing and charging, you need to perform a wide range of functions to sustain your business in 2021. Have a look at some other important factors for telecom billing in 2021:

Complete revenue assurance

Revenue assurance will be crucial in the coming years. A telecom operator is likely to face greater competition in the coming years. So, it simply has to deliver exactly as in accordance with the SLA. Any deviation from quality will be taken badly by the subscribers, and they might jump ship at the first glimpse of dishonesty or mistake.

Pilot projects

To prevent a big project from completely failing, you can even run pilot projects if the billing and charging system allows for that. An Online Charging System can readily launch pilot projects and help you get a better understanding of customer’s stance towards your services.

Online Charging System provides 24×7 customer support, so you can stay operational continuously. Our billing and charging platforms have no equal in terms of price and quality.


Billing and charging are going to be even more important in 2020. In order to launch complex services like IoT and 5G, the mobile operators would have to use the best real-time charging system like OCS. It offers consolidated billing, greater transparency and complete revenue assurance.

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