Billing and charging

Get Your Hands on the Billing and Charging Platform of 2021

2021 is a year that promises hope after the disastrous 2020 for the whole world. Telecom industry has stayed a constant factor in the lives of the people, connecting them to each other when they cannot go out. Despite their positive roles in the crisis situations; MNO, MVNE, MVNO have suffered greatly. 2021 offers a chance to get back the lost revenue, but it requires billing and charging platform of the next generation.

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Charging System Telecom

Support IoT and MVNO Clients Better with Charging System Telecom in 2021

The wide array of changes made in the Covid-19 era have been hard to acclimatize to for every single player in the market. Whether it is MVNA, MVNO, MVNE or the big-budget and independent MNOs; everyone has faced great challenges. The outcomes for the entire telecom industry haven’t been positive, which mirrors the situation of other struggling industries.

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Online Charging Solution

Why Online Charging Solution is Indispensable for Telecom Operators?

Modern-day telecom operations have become extremely complicated. The new entrants into the market like MVNO and MVNE often do not get their billing right and suffer in the end. Out of every 10 MVNOs, only 1 makes it big and the rest falter. This can be attributed to their lack of insight in the telecom process and failure to understand the value of a convergent charging system.

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Get your Struggling Billing and Charging on Track with True Online Charging System

Billing and charging are two of the most important functions of a telecom operator. When they are not done right, the results are immediate and you start losing customers faster than you can ever imagine. Therefore, every player in the market including MNO, MVNO and MVNE should get their billing and charging on track, if they want to derive the best results from their efforts.

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Offer Complete Prepaid/Post-paid Experience with Real-Time Charging Solutions

When it comes to billing clients for the services rendered, a time delay between service delivery and client billing leaves space open for errors which can be costly to communication service providers. In contrast, a real-time charging system ensures that every second of communication service is accounted for at the moment it happens so that billing can be accurate. Without real-time charging, the communication service industry could not exist as it does today. Let’s explore why.

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Prepaid and postpaid plans: Which is right for your business?

The Telgoo5 online charging system processes millions of transactions for our customers every day. Charging happens in real time which allows for more reliable billing, less frequent errors, and improved efficiency. We have built our convergent real time billing system so that it can support your unique business requirements. We can support both prepaid and postpaid plans.

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5g Revolution

5G Influence on Various Telecom Entities and Evolution of Real Time Charging

Everyone is waiting for true 5G launch with bated breaths. It is supposed to reshape the way Internet is accessed and used. As telecom operators face the frenzy of excessive competition, monetization of 5G has become all the more important. It is vital that 5G is packaged in a way that is attractive to the subscribers, and at the same time brings in the much-needed revenue. Real time charging implemented via a convergent charging system has become the minimum requirement for telecom operators.

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