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(v) WeCare Cloud-Based Online Charging System

The emergence of new devices, services, and applications enables customers to experience a digital reality. The new digital lifestyle has transformed end-users expectations as customers demand various types of services to be charged in real-time, consumed online, and be available whenever they want.

Digital transformation opens new opportunities for vendors that want to evolve, explore new revenue streams, or expand their current business portfolios. However, it is not enough for the vendors to only adjust their mindsets when transforming into a digital service provider; they should also consider changing their current online charging system.

However, the challenge with many current OCS is that they lack the flexibility to keep up with emerging digital business models, cannot support virtualization and cloud deployments, and are functionally outdated.

(v) WeCare’s Cloud-Based OCS helps service providers monetize new opportunities that emerge as a result of the digital economy and also accelerate digital transformation initiatives. As the industry’s most trusted OCS platform, our Cloud-Based online charging system addresses all the challenges associated with hardware-based OCS.

Here is what you’ll get with our OCS platform:

Available at an Affordable Cost – Our software-based approach to cloud OCS delivers unmatched real-time functionality and availability, reduces costs, and minimizes dependency on hardware.

Unparallel Cloud Scalability – This enables us to keep up with the evolving demands of digitization. Our Cloud-Based OCS is designed to handle the unpredictable nature of network traffic and customer preferences. It can operate across distributed infrastructure and also scale on demand.

Converged Revenue Management Capabilities – Unlike legacy online charging systems that focus on charging schemes and specific rating, our Cloud-Based online charging system supports and enables converged revenue management capabilities across multiple businesses, including post-paid and pre-paid models for different services.

Support for IoT, VoLTE, and Virtualized Services – (v) WeCare Cloud-Based OCS offers faster speed with low latency. This creates the perfect platform for vendors to monetize and support real-time multimedia services like virtual reality and augmented reality.

Deployment Flexibility in Any Environment – Our Cloud-Based online charging system platform is designed to be operated and deployed in any cloud, including hybrid, public or private, any environment (physical), and virtualized infrastructure.

Embedded Analytics – (v) WeCare Cloud-Based OCS utilizes campaign management and closed-loop alignment with analytics. This enables vendors to give the correct offer to the deserving client at the appropriate time.

Why (v) WeCare OCS

Extended Feature Set – It’s crucial to get the help you require when setting up your OCS. Our online charging system comes with customer support, lifecycle management for phone numbers, and SIMs, as well as calling card and voucher management.

Highly Scalable – As a business grows, processes and systems evolve and change, making scaling an issue. Our OCS is designed to scale with you no matter how big your business grows.

Quick to Market – Bringing new services and products into the market requires a lot of time and hard work. Our OCS will speed up the process as it is designed to help marketing reps implement new ideas quickly.

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