Real Time Rating System

6 Benefits of Using a Real-Time Rating System

In an age where everyone wants everything to happen instantly, it is natural for real-time billing and charging of phone services to be a must. Translating these real-time numbers is easy when you partner your business with online charging systems and let them take care of the real-time rating and subsequent billing and charging. While there are many benefits of a real-time rating system, here are six of the top advantages for both your customers and your business.

Instant Analytics

Utilizing a real-time rating system offers immediate processing and analytics of customer accounts. This means that both you and your customers will know exactly which services have been used and by whom. They will be able to see how their plan is utilized and changes that need to be made to it; alleviating the scenario of over payments and disgruntled customers who make claims of hidden fees and unethical practices. With this transparent process, both providers and customers see real-time statistics and can address any discrepancies with a twenty-four-hour support team member.

Higher Level of Control

Utilizing the dedicated team at Telgoo5 to process your real-time rating needs provides you with a higher level of control. With customization plans, you decide the services that are provided, what is recorded, and how each item is processed through the rating system. This control allows you to offer your customers the same customization benefits in a seamless platform.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Utilizing a real-time rating system allows you to offer your customers with virtually error-free real-time billing. Providing your customers with this immediate account of charges helps to promote a relationship built on trust. When your customers trust you, they have fewer complaints and are more likely to recommend your brand to others. This trust allows you to create a loyal customer base while providing room and a means for growth.

Higher Accuracy in Billing

With a real-time rating system, both you and your customers can expect higher levels of accuracy in bills and charges. With instant data reporting, customers will know what they are being charged for and are better equipped for making future decisions on their needs. Providers benefit from accurate bills with fewer customer complaints and higher customer satisfaction rates, increased retention rates, all of which translate into a more extensive customer base and increased customer loyalty.

Instant Access

Choosing to partner with online charging systems offers instant access for your customers to find out what they owe and allows them to set perimeters on usage. Instant access affords you as the provider a quick view of what your clients are using and offers new opportunities for up-sells. Instant access also enables you to provide customers with newer packages that increase their overall satisfaction levels and translate into newer selling opportunities in the future.

Fewer Disputes

One final benefit of a real-time rating system is fewer disputes. Because each customer can see what they have used the instant they have used it, they are less likely to dispute that the services were provided. Fewer disputes from customers means that your employees will have more time to concentrate on new customers and upselling repeat customers, rather than solving customer inquiries or complaints. Fewer disputes will also result in increased customer satisfaction, which in turn will increase usage and strengthen your brand’s reputation as a reliable network.

Each of these benefits, combined with a dedicated team that knows what it takes to succeed in the telecommunications industry, will lead your company will have an advantage over the competition.

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