Getting MVNO Solutions That Work

The MVNO world is facing a new wave of change due to evolving demand and competition. Additionally, technology advancements bring new challenges and opportunities for MVNOs. So why should you use Telgoo5’s MVNO solutions instead of another company’s? Here are several reasons why:

Our Solutions Address Specific Value Propositions and Market Segments

MVNOs bring additional segments to subscribers by focusing on particular propositions for niche segments. They do so without diluting the brand image and focus of the host. At Telgoo5, we are very keen on our brand image. As such, we offer MVNOs the best solutions available in the market.  

As an MVNO, you are guaranteed of solutions that work for you. Why? Because we value our company, we ensure any solutions that we offer ensures you succeed. The simple reason is that when you succeed we succeed. 

We Embrace Transformation and Innovation

Price pressures and competition mean MVNOs need to differentiate and innovate on cost structure and value proposition. An area that MVNOs need to focus is on strong Wi-Fi first value propositions to improve service quality and lower costs. 

In the United States, for example, Google Fi has been a pioneer in using several host networks combined with intelligent switching between networks. They also use Wi-Fi first approach with built-in security. This is why Google Fi started as an MVNO and is now an MNO of some kind. When you use our solutions, we can give you solutions that can make your company grow to a level that is near or better than Google Fi.  

We Use New Technology Enablers

The first benefit of new technology enablers in MVNOs is driving new opportunities. So how does Telgoo5 do this? In five key ways:  

  • Edge Computing
  • Blockchain – is relevant for areas such as microloans, mobile banking, and mobile payments. It also works for supply chain management and ecosystem partnerships. 
  • Machine learning with data analytics and AI (Artificial Intelligence) – when these technologies are used they support next-best-action and customer personalization. They can also provide data on device performance for IoT purposes as well as ensure more efficient operations. 
  • SDN (Software Defined Networks) and NFV (Network Function Virtualization) – will enable new levels for new services for TTM faster time-to-market as well as other advantages.  
  • e-SIM – allow for out-of-box connectivity. This means it will be available for all users without the need for a specific installation. 

5G Enables a New Generation of MVNOs

A new breed of MVNOs targeting specific verticals is possible due to 5G enabling network slicing. This means some solutions bundle their specific connectivity needs with big data/AI solutions and cloud services. If you plan to be a new MVNO, you can open up opportunities for entrepreneurs and smaller enterprises to tap into the power of cloud services and big data/AI services.  

Bottom Line

Your MVNO needs to consider such solutions if it is to succeed. You need to look for a service provider that knows and understands these technologies. Make sure you contact us today if you want to get the best MVNO solutions in the market.

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