Online Charging System

5 Signs Of A Great OCS – Online Charging System

If your MNVO wants to have any chance of success, you need to have an excellent OCS to charge your customers accurately and regularly.

One of the biggest hurdles that MNVOs face is the fact that they are constantly having to prove their worth. People are still used to working with bigger telecom companies and might be suspicious of an MNVO.

Those of us who operate in the space understand that MNVOs are the wave of the future, but some of your customers are still skeptical. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your billing is on point. Otherwise, you’ll look like an amateur and run the risk of losing customers!

They Have A Back Office Call Center

Great OCS providers have a back office call center with knowledgeable reps who are able to answer questions and provide your customers with real-time information. The best outsource call centers are ones that prioritize security, understand all of your product offerings, and can do ample trouble-shooting in real time.

Telgoo5 is an MNVE with a sophisticated end to end OCS/BSS platform and a back end call center that is willing to provide support and solve customer problems. Our reps are knowledgeable, empowered and fully trained on all of your offerings. They are tasked with coming up with swift and thorough solutions to problems.

Regular Billing

One of the best ways to lose customers is to bill them at irregular times or charge them for services that they didn’t purchase. MNVOs often lose their loyal clients because of sloppy bill practices where customers are sent ambiguous bills that don’t reflect their telecom usage.

Bills need to be logical, itemized and accurate. They need to go out on specific dates. Each customer’s usage must be tracked and accounted for, and you should be able to tap into these records with a real time charging system that allows for it. At Telgoo5, we put a premium on transparency and understand the importance of getting your customer’s bills right each time. Our bills are itemized and easy to understand. If your customers do have an issue, there’s a customer care department on hand to assist their every need.

A Secure Payment Gateway

In today’s world, it’s so important for companies to put a premium on security! There’s nothing scarier to a customer than the prospect of having their identity or bank information stolen! As such, customers are not inclined to put their precious information into payment gateways that they don’t absolutely trust. Can you blame them?

Telgoo5 offers secure payment gateways that allow your customers to pay their bills in a variety of different ways. They can choose their method of payment and rest comfortably knowing that their private information is completely secure.

Consistent Communication

An OCS provider is more than just a vendor. They are one of the fundamental links between you and your end customer. They provide a service that can really make or break your company, which is why it’s imperative to look at them as more of a partner than a vendor. You want to find an OCS provider that is uniquely invested in your needs, and willing to work with you towards ultimate success.

The best OCS providers will show you their commitment to your success by helping onboard you and holding your hand while you’re learning how to navigate the sometimes confusing world of MNVOs and MNVEs. A great OCS provider will not let you down or fail to inform you about an important development. Telgoo5 prides ourselves on a comprehensive MNVO onboarding system. We offer assigned contact points to our MNVOs, as well as weekly calls so we can make sure that everyone is on the same page. We know that this is the best, and only way, to ensure success!

The Ability To Scale With You

Let’s talk about that coveted “s” word- scale! There’s nothing scarier than realizing that your OCS provider simply doesn’t have the manpower to be able to scale with your company during a rapid growth spurt. You need to find an OCS provider that has a proven track record of successful scaling, as well as a matured platform with a flexible operating system that will allow it to withstand changes in your company. When selecting an OCS provider, this is one of the first things you should ask. You don’t want their billing department to get overwhelmed and let down your customers!

Selecting a great OCS provider is one of the most critical things you can do for your MNVO. Look for these five signs and you’ll be well on your way to a great partnership!

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