OCS System in Telecom

How to Find a Credible Provider for an OCS System in Telecom Company

Running your own mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) is no easy feat. Even when you don’t have to set up the physical infrastructure for telecom services, you have an array of essential features to take care of while deploying your services to your customers.

Setting up an online charging system (OCS) comes under that category of essentials features that are crucial to an MVNO. When implemented correctly, an OCS system allows you to charge your customers right as they use any of your services.

Through this real-time charging, you can maintain accurate and swift billing at your end. But this translates to a smoother service experience for your customers. Users don’t have to worry about inaccuracies or delays in services.

How to Setup an OCS System?

As crucial as an OCS system is for your telecom network, it is quite a challenge to set it up if you don’t have the right solutions provider for it.

Most MVNO managers aim to find a company that provides an online charging system with a sense of reliability to it.

Understanding this predicament, we have put together a brief list of suggestions to help you find a credible provider for real time charging.

This checklist will help you find an OCS system that stands out from the rest for all the right reasons and enables you to run your MVNO with optimal efficiency.

1. Ask for References from Within Your Company

One of the best ways to find a reliable online charging system provider is by asking for references from someone you trust. Since the most relevant people will be the ones who already work in the telecom sector, reaching out to your peers and coworkers within your organization can help you find a credible provider.

Since the people in your firm are dedicated to discovering the best solutions through their references, this adds a level of credibility to your search. This way, you can find the right company for the job efficiently.

2. Ask Your MVNE

If you run an MVNO, then you could also turn to your mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE) to get their suggestions regarding a real time charging provider.

Since MVNEs deal with such service providers on a day to day basis, you are bound to find companies that are reliable and credible in the sector.

3. Ask Your Current Vendors

Another way to find a trustworthy OCS system is by asking for references through any other telecom vendors you work with in this sector. For instance, if a company provides you with software or CRM solutions, then it might be aware of a real time charging provider that’s worth their salt. 

Make sure that you are getting these references from someone you trust. This helps you to have a shortlist of credible candidates to choose from.

From there, you can start your vetting process to determine if the references are any good.

Start Your Own Assessments

Once you have gathered a list of references, it would be time to start your assessment. You can also apply this brief checklist to any online charging system providers you have come across online. Sometimes, even if you don’t know a company through a reference, its solutions and customers can speak for itself.

  • Go for a Cloud-Based System. Choosing a cloud-based system provides you with more security and accessibility.
  • Choose an Experienced Company. Make sure you choose someone that has provided its solutions to others in the industry.
  • Check for Modern Solutions. Look for an OCS system that provides modern billing solutions, such as convergent or consolidated billing.
  • Confirm Security Solutions. Choose a system that takes additional measures for data security.
  • Ensure Customization. Look for a system that allows you to customize subscription models down to their most exquisite details.
  • Find an Intuitive Interface. Choose a real time charging solution that comes with a well-designed interface.

By choosing a provider through these points, you can ensure long-term stability in your chosen online charging system vendor.

At (v)WeCare, we do not only exhibit all of the qualities mentioned above but also hold a credible reputation by offering our solutions to a variety of networks. Our OCS system is designed with accuracy, advancement, and ease of use in mind. This long history in OCS makes us confident in deploying solutions for new and old MVNOs as well as other entities alike.

Whether you are ready to install a new real time charging solution, or have any questions, feel free to give us a call today. We will be glad to discuss your requirements and set up your cloud based OCS for you right away.

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