CDR Mediation Services

How CDR Mediation Services Can be Beneficial to Your Business

When MVNO is your business, CDRs (Call Detail Records) are a part of your daily routine. As packages change and real-time charging becomes more important, new ways of processing these CDRs become necessary. This necessity leads to the question of how CDR mediation services can be beneficial to your business.

What is a CDR?

Most in the telecommunications industry understand what a call detail record (CDR) is, but for those new to the business or just starting their MVNO, let’s cover the basics. A CDR is the data that makes up any call, text message, SMS and all other things phone related. This data includes the phone number, date, time, duration, peak or off-peak specifications, the type of call (voice, text, SMS, video), and all pertinent information that allows for that call to be charged the proper rate and to the appropriate person. For this reason, this collection of data has evolved from the manual collection done (when phones were the newest novelty to hit the world) to computer analysis and separation, generally done by a team that specializes in understanding this data (Data Analytics).

What is CDR Mediation?

CDR mediation is the separation of the immense data that is processed for one call into the appropriate categories. This information will be separated depending on the customer’s particular circumstances, which means that the CDR mediation for each of your customers has the potential of requiring different mediation categories. Some of these categories include peak-time calls, no-charge calls, voice calls, wholesale priced calls, and many more variations.

What Are the Benefits of CDR Mediation Services?

Now that you understand what a CDR and its mediation are, imagine processing each of these calls yourself for each of your clients. In today’s telecommunications industry, you would either have to have a very small company or thousands of employees at any given time of day.

The immense volume of this data is the most considerable benefit of CDR mediation services for any telecommunications company. Choosing the right partner for your CDR mediation provides you with the data collection, analytics, real-time billing and charging, and all of the tools needed to make this process seamless from when your customers dial a number to when they pay their bill. 

Choosing the right online charging system partner also provides you with the support you need for the installation and use of the software necessary to implement CDR mediation; allowing you to focus on your business needs instead of sifting through data.

What Does CDR Mediation Services Mean for Your Business?

CDR mediation services allow your business to run seamlessly and never miss a beat. Your CDR mediation team will supervise the collection of required data utilizing a combination of AI and dedicated staff members. This team will make sure that all of the pertinent information is delivered to where it needs to be and that bills are generated accordingly. Your customers will have access to real-time billing, and you will have the time to concentrate on what matters most, taking care of your customers.

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