What to Look for in an BSS/OSS Solution for Your MVNO

It’s expected that by the year 2020, the worldwide MVNO market’s going to be worth $73 billion, and the subscriber number will exceed 300 million, with its CAGR at 10%. One of the things that gives the MVNOs an edge over the MNOs is things like:

  • Agile infrastructure
  • Can offer innovative and niche products

A Differentiation in Services

If you have an MVNO , you might want to know what you can do to so that your MVNO is higher in the list of MVNOs and that you can compete profitably. One of the best ways that you can do this is through partnering with a BSS/OSS. Below are some things that you want to look for in an BSS/OSS.

A Differentiation in Technology

It’s essential that your solution is able to seamlessly integrate different services, as well as allowing each of your subscriber to have their own customized experience. Having an optimal OSS/BSS solution will meet the needs of the MVNO by things such as customization, management of product content, building profiles of consumers, and revenue and billing management.

A Differentiation of Channels

Your MVNO must have its own distribution strategy to allow it to reach customers quickly. When you build a strong distribution channel, it will help your MVNO to reach your customers effectively and serve them no matter where they are. It also will help to determine which of the channels will be suited best for delivering as many subscribers as possible.

User management

  In order to reduce chum and build up a loyal base of customers, MVNOs needs to invest in the technology that’s agile and scalable and can serve the dynamic needs of their customers. They should give their customers the ability to choose the plan they want and give them a user experience that’s hassle free. It’s also important to understand their customers’ needs so they’re able to serve them much better.

Things to Look for in Your OCS/BSS to Help Meet These Objectives

  • Flexibility

    The solution should have flexibility, so that new functionalities can be quickly incorporated. It also should have the ability to support many platforms and vendors.
  • Data Analytics

    A platform should have the ability to report as well as analyze the data that relates to user revenue, subscriptions, subscriber chum, retention rate and a variety of other metrics. The chosen BSS/OSS should be collecting the data and process it into reports that management can view.
  • Billing and Revenue Management

    Having an efficient system for billing and revenue management will ensure that the users are getting billed for the services that they are using, will ensure revenue leakage, will detect fraud and support the convergent prepaid/postpaid billing.
  • Customer Management

    This is essential when you’re choosing your BSS system. This will relate to giving the users information, solving their queries and registering their grievances, and this will lead to a satisfied and loyal base of subscribers.
  • Data security

    The OSS/BSS needs to provide a very high security level so that your users’ security and privacy stays safe.
  • A Reduction in Deployment Time

    Time that is taken for deploying the platform needs to be efficient and allow the faster services to roll out.


An MVNO : Mobile virtual Network Operator needs to have a partner that can deliver innovative services. They also require solutions which will let them have control of important areas like customer management and billing management. They also need to be able s launch new services to give their customers a better experience.

If you are searching for a partner for your MVNO, get in contact with us and let us show you what we can do to help you provide your customers with the best possible experience.

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