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Support IoT and MVNO Clients Better with Charging System Telecom in 2021

The wide array of changes made in the Covid-19 era have been hard to acclimatize to for every single player in the market. Whether it is MVNA, MVNO, MVNE or the big-budget and independent MNOs; everyone has faced great challenges. The outcomes for the entire telecom industry haven’t been positive, which mirrors the situation of other struggling industries.

However, everyone is trying their best to get back on their feet and ride the storm. It has become essential to quickly launch innovative services like IoT, video streaming and 5G, while at the same time sustaining revenue from staple services like voice, SMS and data.

Fully-Digitalize Service Delivery with Charging System Telecom

The task of bringing services quickly to the market is quite a tough one. Especially if you are unsure about the outcome, it becomes a double-edged sword. Therefore, digitalization is no longer a convenience but an essential requirement of businesses.

With a fully-digitalized charging system telecom that performs convergent charging, it becomes possible to monetize services fast and without any risk.

As no one wants to waste any revenue on a project that does not work, it makes a lot of sense to initiate a pilot project. With digitalization, it is possible to launch new service plans at a smaller scale. You are not exerted while doing that because cutting-edge telecom billing platform comes with the option for quick monetization.

After launching the service, you can observe customers’ reaction to the services. The integration of Big Data analytics in the modern-day billing platforms let you access regular insights about what tactic is succeeding and which one is failing. According to the observation, you can decide to get behind your project or scrap it for a new one.

OCS: Empowering Telecom Innovation

An Online Charging System (OCS) charges both event-based and session-based services in real-time. It provides a world of opportunities to telcos who want to launch next-gen technology solutions like IoT, 5G etc. First of all, it allows you to create completely convergent invoices that reflect all services charges. It simplifies the management of telecom services and improves vendor perception in front of the customers.

An OCS is also the perfect solution for fast-paced and vast technology like IoT that forces telcos to track millions and millions of transactions. Also, when 5G slicing will be used as a mainstream technology to serve many use cases over a single physical network, a true real-time OCS will provide the most effective solution.


2021 might come across as a challenging year for telcos in the light of Covid-19 outbreak. But with a real-time charging system like OCS, the challenges can be simplified for every player in the market including MVNO, MVNA and MVNE. It provides the ability to launch pilot projects, use data analytics and bring services quicker to the market. All these functionalities will be very much required by telcos in 2021.

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