Cloud-Based Online Charging Solution

Why You Need to Upgrade to a Cloud-Based Online Charging System

The complexity of managing a telecom company is mind-boggling. Any telecom company worth its salt must ensure that its technology platform is running 24 hours a day. Others activities like billing and interactions with the customers also have to be taken care of. A good online charging system can help eliminate a lot of tasks from your employees. Cloud-based operations have revolutionized the way online charging systems work. But such software platforms are still underutilized in the telecom industry.

How Cloud-Based Online Charging Systems Ensure Accuracy

Services provided by telecom companies are typically delivered in varying ways. For example, while SMS services are charged depending on the number of events, calls are charged based on duration. A cloud-based OCS will easily account for each service and will easily track this kind of information. With such a system, it is easy to provide accurate billing for SMS messages, calls, and data.

It is very common for telecom companies to make mistakes when determining the customer’s account balance. But the accuracy of proper billing is critical and companies have experienced instances of large-scale subscriber exodus simply because they believe they were billed unfairly. A good cloud-based online charging system OCS can accurately determine the customer’s usage. Using the Account Balance Management Function (ABMF), the OCS can accurately track the customer’s balance at all times. This basically eliminates the possibility of mistakenly over-billing customers. Our cloud-based system offers a wealth of analytics and campaign management tools. Used wisely, these tools can enable a service provider to identify redundancies and to optimize the delivery of services to their customers.

Keeping Up with the Digital Revolution

More and more telecom company subscribers are embracing cutting-edge gadgets and services. In addition, a variety of digital technology systems are being deployed in the telecom industry replacing older systems. It has become a necessity for telecom companies to become Digital Service Providers (DSPs) to stay relevant in the industry.

The functionality of many current OCS is dated and is unable to support services that many subscribers desire. Older OCS will always struggle to operate on systems that involve virtualization and cloud deployment. You, therefore, need a high-quality cloud-based OCS to be able to support digital business models and to earn from new opportunities that are otherwise unavailable to companies with older OCS.

Flexibility of Operations

Many telecom companies see the need to upgrade to cloud-based OCS. However, they hesitate to upgrade because they suspect that newer online charging systems may not be compatible with their other equipment and applications. While some newer OCS systems may indeed experience compatibility systems when integrated with older platforms, this is not the case with the OCS at (v)WeCare.

Although cloud-based and equipped with the latest features, our OCS is backward compatible and our clients typically don’t get problems using it with their legacy and hardware-based systems. We also offer support and we make sure that any transition to our cloud-based online charging system is flawless and will not experience any downtime in the process. You can deploy the OCS in physical environments as well as private-, public-, or hybrid-cloud environments and virtualized infrastructure.

On the other hand, cloud-based OCS are much faster and have lower latency than older legacy OCS. Cloud-based systems enable service providers to support new technologies including VoLTE, IoT, virtualized, and 5G services. It is thanks to quality online charging systems that service providers can be able to offer real-time interactive media like augmented reality, online games, and virtual reality.

At We(V) Care, we offer cutting-edge online charging systems. Our advanced systems support the latest services offered by DSPs including IoT, VoLTE, and 5G. Our OCS can be integrated with cloud-based platforms as well as legacy and hardware-based systems. We can also take care of the other aspects of your technology platform including billing, CRM, customer care, and more. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote today.                       

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