Drive your MVNO to Monetary Success with Accurate Billing and Charging

Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) is an important part of the telecom domain. It fulfills the requirements of specific groups of customers who do not use the services from major operators in the area. For an MVNO, it takes a long time to establish trust amongst customers. Then comes the stage when it starts earning money. But due to inaccurate and inefficient billing and charging, the monetary success can be hampered. So, it is important for MVNOs to not use mediocre and rudimentary billing mechanisms. Instead, they need to utilize a convergent charging system for greater billing accuracy and revenue assurance.

Compliance with 3GPP Standards for Revenue Assurance

In the online charging system architecture, it is specified as per 3GPP technical specifications that the link between PCRF and OCS should be direct and real-time. So, it is essential that you utilize a 3GPP compliant OCS to ensure correct billing functions.

Essential Features of OCS System and their Role in Driving Monetary Success

True real-time charging performance of OCS is the major reason behind its success. The capability of top-class OCS solutions can be scaled to meet millions of transactions per second.

In-memory database is needed for correct calculation of charges. Redundant environment for data storage is also an important feature of modern-day OCS because it protects data when a particular server goes down. There is always an additional backup OCS server to keep your billing functional.

API access for greater intuitiveness and convenience. Connect with new vendors through well-managed partnerships using the inbuilt functionality of the OCS.

The OCS system allows for convergent billing. As a result, you are able to print charges of multiple services on a single piece of invoice. The ability to sell multiple services to the same customers can open up new revenue opportunities.

Implementation of Credit Limits Accurately

The Online Charging System can help you implement credit limits accurately. As a customer passes the threshold of data or call minutes, he gets immediate notifications and service is throttled. Customers are always kept in loop of what is going on.

The OCS can manage multiple sessions and provide flawless services. High load-bearing capacity of our OCS allows for accurate billing functions even when there is a high volume of billing transactions. The OCS can charge and rate both event- and session-based services.

Online Charging System is a truly reliable charging system for MVNOs, MNOs and MVNE. It provides true real-time for greater billing accuracy. With the power of our OCS, the task of an MVNO can become simpler.


Monetization of services plays an important role in day-to-day telco functions. With the power of OCS, an operator can perform convergent billing and send consolidated invoices to the customers. A 3GPP compliant OCS is the need of the hour as it ensures complete revenue assurance. Maximize trust amongst customers with a billing and charging platform that is always accurate.

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