Manage Fast Growing 5G Base Better with Evolving Billing and Charging

5G is a transformational technology with immense potential. For telecom operators, it presents a very good chance to grow their customer base. Features like network slicing, ultra-low latency and massive bandwidths are extremely attractive to customers. Whether it is your business customers or home subscribers, you will be faced with unprecedented challenges while deploying 5G. Billing and charging need to be spot-on and you can’t make any errors in calculating charges.

Combining 5G with Other Technologies in Attractive Packages

5G is a behemoth in itself. But when you are marketing 5G plans along with services like IoT, broadband (optical fiber), video streaming, prepaid/postpaid etc., the challenge becomes even tougher.
If we estimate the 5G base of the future, then there are likely to be at least 10 times more devices connected with 5G. Such a large customer base would immensely pressure the convergent charging system deployed by modern-day MVNO, MNO and MVNE.

To overcome the challenges of 5G, you need a highly fault-tolerant platform with greater load bearing capacity and above all true convergent charging. Our Online Charging System architecture is built exactly as per 3GPP specifications and ensures complete revenue assurance. Supported by AWS and Azure cloud platforms, it can handle any load and scale exactly as per expectations.

With our OCS system, you get the following advantages:

Real-time charging of both event- and session-based services
• Accurate credit implementation
• Timely data throttling to prevent incurrence of excessive charges (which will surely be higher in case of 5G)
• Scope to monetize new functionalities such as network slicing

Access a Truly Smart Charging System Telecom

Our charging system telecom is not only highly functional, it is also a smart platform with futuristic data analytics capability. The OCS is integrated with Big Data analytics at its very core. As a result, you get regular insights about subscriber’s buying patterns, potential customer attrition and popular services.

The OCS system allows you to be proactive with your strategies. You are also able to make smarter decisions with respect to your future investments.

Our OCS system can be procured with other vital telecom services components. The OCS comes with relevant APIs that can seamlessly integrate with your existing billing systems and provide new functionalities. We also provide a world-class CRM solution that lets you provide better customer support services to your subscribers. The billing and charging platforms are supported 24×7 by our technical support specialists.


Manage rising customer requirements fast with a superior OCS system built for the 5G revolution. Handle your customers requirements better with an ever-evolving billing and charging systems. The OCS system charges both events and sessions in real time, thus ensuring complete revenue assurance. It also enforces credit limits accurately.

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