Make Most of 5G Network Slicing in Healthcare with Convergent Charging System

5G network slicing is potentially the greatest innovation in the telecom industry. It provides unforeseen opportunities and can be the instigator of new business models. Connectivity is a vital asset for every business use case that is powered by technology. 5G network slicing allows for the creation of several logical networks over a single physical network. Each logical network can have its own unique characteristics such as speed, latency, security etc. The QoS-based network slicing provides unprecedented power to companies, especially those that are ready to be creative and use separate networks for supporting their different requirements. From a telecom operator’s point of view, this new technology presents a tough but rewarding challenge. Although a convergent charging system can definitely make things simpler.

A Use Case for 5G Network Slicing in Healthcare Industry

Network slicing can be a real boon for industries such as healthcare. The medical sciences are focusing on preventive health care. In this regard, network slicing can be an asset.

For example, a network slice can be assigned to send data through a remote tracking device worn by a patient. The device could measure and transfer patient vitals such as BP, heartrate, temperature etc. for high-risk patients. To fill this requirement, one can assign a network slice with slow speed and low latency.

If the patient initiates a videocall after encountering a health issue, doctors would need hi-res video to see clearly and understand patient’s concern. For this purpose, you need to have high-speed connectivity, so the network slice needs to be allotted accordingly.

In case, an IoT pacemaker is installed and doctors are receiving real-time data from it, in that situation, not only you need to have high-speed and low-latency connectivity but also the highest level of security (to prevent unauthorized access).

Online Charging System: The Right Choice for 5G Implementation in Healthcare

Many players in the healthcare industry are analyzing the huge potential that 5G network slicing presents. They are expected to opt for 5G network slicing plans in the near future. If your MNO or MVNO caters to healthcare services or wants to make the most of this highly lucrative opportunity, then it is high time you invest in an Online charging system telecom that offers true real-time performance and allows for 5G monetization while offering complete revenue assurance.

For MVNO and MVNE, a quality OCS system is a must-have. The OCS should allow for quick monetization of 5G plans. It should also be convergent i.e., allow healthcare industry subscribers to use a wide range of services through a single subscription and also receive a single invoice for all services.


5G network slicing offers tremendous business opportunities for telecom operators to do business with clients from the healthcare industry. Whether you are an MNO, MVNO or MVNE, an Online Charging System is required to effectively monetize 5G. It allows telcos to sell various plans and perform convergent charging for every service. The convergent charging system also lets telcos send a single unified invoice for every subscribed service by an individual.

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