Convergent Charging

Access Defining Benefits of Convergent Charging to Revamp Telecom Billing

Telecom billing has a very important role to play in driving the success of modern-day telecom operators. Due to Covid-19, businesses are experiencing stagnation. So, if you want to stay competitive and increase your customer base, it is the right time to improve your service model. With a convergent charging platform, it is easier to digitalize services and monetize assets. Especially if you can find a proven platform that is secure, flexible and completely scalable.

Time to Capitalize on 5G

5G technology has great scope. It offers tremendous improvements over existing data speeds and provides the option of network slicing to initiate several network connections over a single physical network. With a 3GPP compliant system, you can meet all the technical specification requirements for 5G and serve your customers better.

An Online Charging System offers diameter-based charging performance and ensure proper authentication of every transaction. It is faster, more accurate and an upgrade on yesteryear’s solutions such as OFCS and IN.

Defining Benefits of Next-Gen Convergent Charging System

A convergent charging system can be extremely useful if it comes with all the essential functionalities and offers true real-time charging performance. Some of its advantages for modern-day telcos are:

Consolidated billing and charging for unified billing

Modern-day customers use multiple services and want a single invoice that comes with the description of all charges. A consolidated billing and charging strategy can immediately lift your MVNO’s brand image. It would also incentivize the customers to use multiple services from you.

Cross-product discounts and promotions

Due to consolidated billing and charging functionality, you can also offer cross-product discounts. For example, you can offer extra GB of broadband if the customer subscribes to your postpaid mobile plan. Such initiatives instantly help you gain new customers. Whether you are an MVNO or MVNE, an Online Charging System (OCS) can be really useful.

Data analytics

Top billing systems are integrated with data analytics. They help in making sense of the vast amount of data ingested by the billing systems from different sources. It becomes easier to make sense of customers’ buying patterns and their preferences. As a result, you are able to devise better monetization strategy to pull new subscribers.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is very important for managing customers’ records. With our Online Charging System, you get access to a proven CRM that offers next-gen features. The CRM also comes with PIN management feature and intuitive Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to communicate with the system.


In the changing dynamics of today’s business world, you need a revolutionary OCS system to streamline your telecom billing. A next-gen OCS comes with CRM and convergent charging functionality that offers true real-time charging performance. It also has APIs to communicate with the CRM along with a PIN management function. For any budding MVNO or MVNE, a cutting-edge OCS offers defining benefits that can prove really useful.

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