Convergent Charging

Why MVNOs Need Convergent Charging More Than Ever After Covid-19 Outbreak?

Covid-19 pandemic outbreak has impacted the fate of many businesses in 2020. However, telecom industry has stood strong in these times, and has allowed people to stay in touch via technology. It does deserve special credit for mitigating the impact by allowing companies to operate via work-from-home model. Despite all the work, telecom industry is still experiencing a trend of reduced revenues, which can be attributed to the excess use of OTT platforms like Skype, Whatsapp, and more recently ‘Zoom’ calling. To counter these OTT platforms, there is an exigent need for convergent charging and more flexible monetization solutions.

Countering the Impact of OTT

Over the Top, better known as OTT platforms utilize the Internet connection to deliver their own services. As the data connectivity is provided by an ISP or mobile data, which is an important part of telecom operators, there more than enough reasons for them to feel aggrieved by the situation. However, if they can integrate the OTT services like video calling and streaming into their own platform, they can share the revenue with the OTT vendors.

Most small players like MVNOs struggle to integrate such platforms because they are technically challenged. Especially in the light of Covid-19, most businesses are in no position to invest heavily in designing full-fledged telecom systems. Therefore, a partnership with an MVNE makes perfect sense. Top MVNEs and MVNOs use real-time charging system that makes billing and monetization very simple.

OCS Simplifies Monetization Strategies

By employing an Online Charging System (OCS), an MVNO can easily venture into a partnership and handle all the intricacies without any direct involvement. A state-of-the-art OCS abstracts the complexities for an MVNO. All they have to do is venture into a partnership with an OTT provider and strike a deal. As the user utilizes the service, the real-time charging system charges the usage accurately and creates bifurcated invoices. The share of revenue from OTT and other service usages are reflected in an orderly fashion. Even novices with limited experience in technical telecom functions can operate the telecom billing platform and mix and match different services to create attractive service bundles.

Stay Abreast of Telecom Technology to Make a Difference

Implementing the right technology at the right time can help you overcome the receding revenue. In the world of the future, we are likely to see more time periods just like 2020, (that was overshadowed by Covid-19). Partner with a competent vendor like Online Charging System to stay abreast of technology and find innovative methods to counter the emerging issues.


Telecom industry has stood strong during the Covid-19 times. However, the future can be more challenging with threat of OTT platforms looming large. To enhance revenue, you need to think out-of-the-box and implement a cutting-edge convergent charging platform like OCS. It can help you venture into new partnerships, simplify monetization and allow you to expand your business even in testing times.

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